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Front and Back degage Collar detail Low-cut Satin evening Dress-931

Front and Back degage Collar detail Low-cut Satin evening Dress-931

Princess Collar Sleeved Collar Crystal Stone Embroidered Slit Velvet Evening Dress-993

Cowl Collar Crystal Stone Embroidered Evening Dress-969

Feathered Collar Waist Window Detailed Sequin Evening Dress Jumpsuit-2017

Rope Strap Embroidered Detailed Satin Evening Dress-967

Embroidered Detailed Princess Sleeve Evening Dress-960

Asymmetrical Collar Draped Leg Décolleté Velvet Evening Dress-994

Strap Embroidered Detailed Collar and Leg Décolleté Satin Evening Dress-740

Collar Detailed Embroidered Leg Décolleté Tulle Evening Dress-964

Sequin Crystal Stone Embroidered Leg Décolleté Evening Dress-2006

Boat Neck Floral Detailed Silvery Tulle Evening Dress-949

Princess Cuff-Button Detailed Lace Evening Dress-940

Princess Collar Sleeve and Collar Crystal Stone Embroidered Satin Evening Dress-983

Single Sleeve and Shoulder Detailed Draped Lyera Satin Evening Dress Pattern-913

Floral Accessory Shoulder and Leg Décolleté Lace Evening Dress-928

Chest Crystal Stone Embroidered Shoulder and Leg Décolleté Ruffle Detailed Evening Dress-898

Princess Collar Button Detailed Satin Evening Dress-907

Collar and Leg Décolleté Pleated Detailed Satin Evening Dress-926

One Sleeve Accessory Detailed Satin Evening Dress-935

Princess Collar Draped Satin Evening Dress-873

Collar and Leg Decollete Draped Satin Evening Dress-869

Satin Evening Dress with Crystal Stone Embroidered Arm and Leg Décolleté-918